APPLICATION FOR GRANT: Carter Foundation, Corp.,  a 501(c)(3) organization that provides 

limited amount grants to 501(c)(3) organizations that advance research, treatment and assistance 

in the illnesses associated with Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Heart problems. The grants may 

be for expenses related to an organization or individual’s needs and are administered at the 

determination of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.  The Board of Directors will evaluate the 

Applications it receives and determines grant amounts based on need and available funds.  

Organizations or individuals receiving grants will be subject to reporting requirements to the Foundation.



1.      Fully complete, sign and date the application below. If you need more space, 

      please attach as needed.

2.      In 300 words or less, describe the purpose of your proposed use of the grants.

3.      Send numbers 1 & 2, together with any supporting documentation to:


       Carter Foundation, Corp. c/o or fax to: 866-847-2922



Deadline for filing: April 1, 2025



Name: __________________________, Title: ___________

Address: _____________________, City: ___________, State ___ Zip ______

Phone: (____) ______________  Fax: (____) ____________

E-mail address: ____________________________________


Applicant’s intended/proposed use of grant, including area of illness 

association from list above: ________________________________________

Please state the dollar amount you are requesting, including all uses 

thereof: _________________________________________________________

Please explain the financial factors that you would like to have considered 

by the selection committee, including any factors that you feel make you 

qualified for a grant from the foundation: _________________________

Please list any other factors that you would like the selection committee 

for the foundation to consider when evaluating your application for a 

grant: __________________________________________________________


By submission of this application, I hereby certify that I am a United States 

citizen and the information contained herein is correct to the best of my 

knowledge. I hereby authorize the Foundation to request any and all 

records to verify the information contained herein.



(signature and date)